My greatest fascination and concern: the performing arts of puppetry. I involve myself with its promotion, the growth of its status through the progression of its infrastructure, the diffusion of its skills, the excellence of its performance and productions. In short its all-round development and recognition. I know quite a lot about its history in Europe, and a little of its history elsewhere. Read More»


Passion for the English language, its usage, abusage and evolution: reading is my top recreational pleasure. I am an editor, an essayist and have written a book. It’s called PUPPETRY. A Reader in Theatre Practice. It’s a 380° look at puppetry’s place among the performing arts, written in plain English, with masses of references to point the reader towards other sources and writings on puppets. It’s not about making, but about various aspects of performance*. Palgrave Macmillan published it in 2012. Read More»


I hold many, some of which would get me into trouble with visitors to this page, and some of which I may change if the evidence warrants it! In general, I think of myself as a liberal humanist, and most convictions follow from that. One opinion which won’t change: puppetry will advance only through more high-quality performance by artists, the kind you’d want a good theatre critic with an eye for visual theatre to review. Read More»
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